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1. 6 Steps to Data-Driven Transformation
... will get into the habit of making data-driven decisions. The definition of a data-driven organization is an organization that cultivates a culture of looking at data to make all business decisions. To ...
Created on 19 November 2018
2. Understanding Different Strategies
... s she notes are interesting abd the overlap is clear.There isn't a universal strategy that fits every supply chain, but getting the definitions right is important. Check out the article HERE. ...
Created on 07 September 2016
3. Getting Results from Integrated Planning
...  identified tools and technologies that are on the way to help. Getting clear on the definition is the first step, though. Read her thoughts HERE. ...
Created on 30 August 2016
4. Digital Strategies and the Supply Chain
Everyone has their own definition of what comprises the 'digital supply chain'. When Jason Busch, head honcho at Spend Matters, weighs in while discussing the topic with the president of SAP Ariba, we lear ...
Created on 13 August 2016
5. What's the Difference: SasS, Cloud, or Hosted
What are our collective perceptions of SaaS, Cloud computing, and Hosted solutions. Of course we are mainly interested in supply chain solutions, but the definitions appliy to any application. If you'r ...
Created on 05 April 2016
6. How Visible Is Your Supply Chain?
...  Alexa Cheater discusses the disparate definitions and how important end-to-end visibility is. Read it HERE. ...
Created on 04 April 2016
7. Achieving Visibility for Supply Chains
Everyone has a different definition of what supply chain visibility means. When you consider the business problems visibility is expected to address, the broader the definition, the better.On the 21st ...
Created on 17 March 2016
8. Clouds Defined
... n the major differences and some discussion of the advantages of each. This falls far short of a full detailed explanation, but the basic concepts are accurate. Definitions These are generally accept ...
Created on 29 December 2015
9. Your EDI Payments - Exposed
There continues to be confusion around who pays the price for EDI. There are three answers to this based on the definition of the question.     EDI VAN costs If the question is around the cost ...
Created on 09 November 2015
10. Fix That Supply Chain With Logistics Updates
... definitions of both “Logistics” and “Supply Chain Management”: LOGISTICS: The process of planning, implementing and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation and storage ...
Created on 02 November 2015
11. Target's Inventory Challenges
When a mega-retailer, like Target, has an inventory problem, it's big by definition. When your business is to sell stuff but your shelves are empty, how you're running your supply chain gets questioned. ...
Created on 17 September 2015
12. Managing EDI Changes
... matters. Business specifics typically decide the definition of incoming and outgoing documents for each retailer. Trading partners monitor document design via published EDI implementation guidelines; ...
Created on 14 September 2015
13. Difference Between Outsourcing and Managed Services
... ess or just local. The definition of  managed IT services in the marketplace varies depending on who you talk to. There is a common misconception that managed IT services is just another guise for outsou ...
Created on 28 August 2015
14. Direct From Source - The Future Of Drop Shipping
We have been following DROP SHIPPING right from the first time we heard the term. We have heard many definitions and at first it sounded great. Then we realized that we still had an expensive distribution ...
Created on 27 July 2015
15. Does The View You Are Seeing Tell The Whole Story
...  our control tower MUST be based on common definitions. Every component (business unit, warehouse, etc) in the supply chain has a unique identifier. Every data element (purchase order, invoice an ...
Created on 20 July 2015
16. EDI is More Than Just Digits
EDI is, by just about any definition, a “mature” information technology. It has a long history, with origins in the planning in the Berlin Airlift, and was used in civilian businesses since as early as ...
Created on 25 June 2015
17. How Managed EDI Tools Offset Supply Chain Risk And Complexity
...  and risk. And guess what?, EDI is the glue that holds all the participants together. So let's get “managed EDI” out on the table, define it, and show how and why it is such a powerful tool. The simple definiti ...
Created on 27 April 2015
18. Logistics Sets Your Supply Chain Apart
... too. We will expand on this issue and show there are many alternatives, all depending on how YOUR BUSINESS needs to operate. The CSMP has created excellent definitions of both “Logistics” and “Supply ...
Created on 20 March 2015
19. Explanation of EDI and How It Came To Be
Your first thought might be: “I know already or I wouldn’t be reading this publication.” Yes, we will give you the “schoolbook” definition. We will even tell you a brief history of EDI (Electronic Data ...
Created on 13 March 2015
20. Trends (Not Predictions)
... TV) companies don’t feel limited by old definitions of what they can produce. So take what you will from this list of ‘true facts’ and add your own. I don’t know when or what will come of these this ...
Created on 12 January 2015