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1. 6 Steps to Data-Driven Transformation
... of looking at data whenever they make decisions, which I call “the point of action.” This is tightly linked to the corporate culture you build. I often suggest that executives get creative and set up competitions ...
Created on 19 November 2018
2. Tracking Gold with Blockchain
Blockchain may soon play an integral part in tracking gold, reports CryptoGlobal. The London Bullion Market Association is working to incorporate blockchain technology into a platform to track the world’s ...
Created on 22 October 2018
3. Logistics Systems Incorporated (LSI) Awarded Multiple Award IT Contract by the Army
Logistics System Incorporated (LSI) was awarded a prime position on the multiple awarded contract for the Army's Information Technology Enterprise Solutions 3 Services (ITES-3S) program in the Small Busines ...
Created on 15 October 2018
4. Optimizing Multiple Sites To Maximize Capacity Using AI
... begins calling other sites, or the corporate office. Multiple people are now trying to determine if raw materials exist at other sites to make up the lost time, and additional time is being spent by multiple ...
Created on 15 October 2018
5. eCommerce Sales Grew 16% in 2017; Online Fraud Soared 30%
... eCommerce fraud continues to rise, merchants will face growing losses unless they take immediate—and sustained—action,” asserted Eaton-Cardone. “The best option is a multi-layered approach that incorporates ...
Created on 07 May 2018
6. 3 Ways Retail Stores Can Survive In The Age Of Amazon & E-Commerce
... of Arcature (, a marketing consulting company that has advised a variety of marketers in packaged goods, technology, retail, hospitality, automotive, corporate and business-to-business, ...
Created on 02 April 2018
7. Supply Chain Software Needs to Evolve
Supply Chain Management software needs to evolve if it wants to stay relevant in today’s marketplace, reports Supply Chain Quarterly. One way for it to evolve is to incorporate artificial intelligence, ...
Created on 19 March 2018
8. Sustainability in the Chain
... carbon emissions. And consumers look behind advertising to understand corporate strategies, then make purchasing decisions based on what they understand. Colleague Pam Baker reports on the evolution of ...
Created on 05 March 2018
9. The Impact of Reverse Logistics
... a set of professional services that make the entire process as easy as possible for the corporate donor. The IRS 170(e) tax code allows corporations to receive significant tax benefits by donating goods ...
Created on 08 January 2018
10. Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Rush
... incorporate gift-wrapping options. With everyone strapped for time, a slight upcharge for the service could earn you some extra income and further satisfy customers. Who knows, that could be the difference ...
Created on 04 December 2017
11. Will electric trucks change transport?
... fuel there are a number of features that are long overdue changes to the standard semi truck. Cost per mile is a significant differentiator. Traditional fleets have slowly incorporated some mileage enhancing ...
Created on 20 November 2017
12. 3 Ways a CPO Can Transform a Business
... can reduce costs, consolidate vendors, and find other strategic sourcing methods to improve competitive outcomes. Procurement now requires deep enterprise-level strategic insight into corporate goals ...
Created on 24 October 2017
13. Some Reasons Blockchain is Gaining Traction
... Foods, Unilever and Walmart. The effort is indended to coordinate traceability at a global level and work to curb the estimated 420,000 annual deaths caused by contaminated food. Corporate initiatives ...
Created on 06 September 2017
14. Is the Future of EDI in Blockchain?
... cryptocurrency that offers secure and anonymous money transfer. But its use is expanding beyond the somewhat secretive use as a banking and credit card substitute as companies find ways to incorporate ...
Created on 06 September 2017
15. The Rise of Logistics Tech Activates Entrepreneurs
... and large corporates. These collaborations require logistics tech systems that can sync across multiple platforms and providers. This is where many new startups are stepping in with innovative products ...
Created on 30 August 2017
16. Another Look at Amazon in B2B
As Amazon continues down the path toward becoming a B2B behemoth, will they come under greater scrutiny from a CSR perspective?Selling toys and apparel to consumers is one thing, business supplies to companies ...
Created on 19 January 2017
17. IoT and 3D Printers are Invading the Supply Chain
... to rival standard fabrics. Add to that the ability to delivery clothing that incorporate designer skills with perfect fit based on 3D scanning performed in the dressing room and the problems associated ...
Created on 19 October 2016
18. Building Supply Chain Sustainability Goals
...  and identified the best practices procurement should follow to incorporate sustainability goals into their objectives. His article on the Supply Chain Management Review site is available HERE. ...
Created on 07 June 2016
19. IoT is Real and Present
... ed in X12 format documents could not be produced in exactly the same format and thereby easily incorporated into existing processes. As one example, consider the various transport functions that could b ...
Created on 01 June 2016
20. Ecommerce Driving Retailer Visibility Efforts
For many supply chains, visibility stops at their corporate walls. Technology is improving, though, and providing opportunities to eliminate 'black holes'.Ben Ames on the DC Velocity site explains how ecommerc ...
Created on 05 May 2016