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1. Retail Supply Chain Mets Tech
Changing technology coupled with tech savvy consumers has forced a change in the retail supply chain, reports Daily Business.   Read the article onDaily Business  ...
Created on 08 October 2018
2. Transportation Industry Needs to Make Changes
Changes in the transportation industry, including advances in technology, are testing shipper, reports Legacy systems can no longer meet customers demands and the industry will need to implement ...
Created on 24 September 2018
3. Voice is the new interface
... been in place for some time, seem to be the best ways to execute. But shifting them to voice control can bring a quantum change to the way things are done and to the ultimate success of the operations. ...
Created on 11 September 2018
4. What’s Cloud Got To Do With It?
... are plenty of other software and service offerings that make up cloud computing and many that deliver order processing functions. What’s changed dramatically is the acceptance and use of online services ...
Created on 05 September 2018
5. Why Machine Learning is Right for Your Supply Chain Strategy
... incrementally and make small and continuous changes over time.  ...
Created on 13 August 2018
6. We were the machines
... until the best results are obtained. The changes can then be either presented to humans for approval or simply put in place depending on how much autonomy the machine is allowed. Integrate multiple technologies ...
Created on 12 June 2018
7. Machine Learning Changes Supply Chain
According to Forbes, machine learning is bringing about innovations to the supply chain. The algorithms used allow patterns to be discovered in the supply chain. Once a pattern is discovered methods can ...
Created on 11 June 2018
8. It's a New Chain
If you had been involved in the supply chain 2012 and took a leave of absence till the beginning of 2018 you would have walked into an industry that has changed significantly in terms of technology. Some ...
Created on 28 May 2018
9. Logistics Seeing Rapid Technology Growth
According to Supply Chain Dive, logistics technology is now at a tipping point, with rapid adoption forcing changes across the supply chain.   Read the articleonSupply Chain Dive  ...
Created on 28 May 2018
10. Technology Plays Key Role in Smart Manufacturing
Smart Technologies like 3D printing and drones are driving changes in materials handling, reports Supply Chain Dive.   Read the articleonSupply Chain Dive  ...
Created on 28 May 2018
11. Supply Chain Management Jobs are Now Premium Positions
... 4 percent for supply chain professionals in 2017. That’s above the rate of increase for other managers. But businesses are dealing with increased costs and changes in the way orders are handled, not to ...
Created on 22 May 2018
12. What GDPR Means For Your Supply Chain
Data is a topic that’s warmer than lava. The implementation date for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is 05/28/2018 and if your business isn’t ready for this change in legislation you’ll be ...
Created on 30 April 2018
13. FDA Recommends Changes to Supply Chain
According to Supply Chain Dive, the pharmacy industry is due for a supply chain makeover. The chairman of the Food and Drug Administration suggests starting with standardized documentation practices for ...
Created on 30 April 2018
14. Self-replicating 3D printers will Disrupt the Supply Chain
... ordered, produced in local ‘printhouses’ for last-mile delivery. The impact on inventory control and production planning are obvious, and as product designs change to better accommodate different additive ...
Created on 24 April 2018
15. Be a Supply Chain Hero by Jumping Ahead of the Pack
... and drive change in the right direction can be seen as heroes in their own rights.  ...
Created on 16 April 2018
16. Expanded Payment Options Can Help Merchants Boost Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction
... Expedia,, Newegg, Dish Network and Shopify stores.   “The transition to chip-and-PIN payment terminals was just the first of many big changes merchants will face in the coming years,” ...
Created on 16 April 2018
17. Data drives the supply chain but data storage can cripple yours
... and make changes when indicated. Advances in AI can supercharge your analytics and make a real difference when applied properly and then taken into consideration. Manage your data retention practices ...
Created on 09 April 2018
18. 3 Ways Retail Stores Can Survive In The Age Of Amazon & E-Commerce
... to avoid losing it in the midst of change. “IKEA, Walmart and other retailers are struggling to catch up with online venues, focusing on creating a brand experience that has less to do with the legacy ...
Created on 02 April 2018
19. Who Cares About Cyber Attacks on Supply Chains?
... it’s a supply chain and not something hackers can easily monetize. But the games and the stakes have changed.   Multiple malware researchers including Symantec report that attacks on supply chain ...
Created on 26 March 2018
20. What does crypto currency have to do with the supply chain?
There’s plenty of volitility in the standard international monetary market where exchange rates can vary based on any number of factors. And the recent enormous swings in the value of the most visible ...
Created on 12 March 2018