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1. Planning for a Global Supply Chain
Supply chains are supply chains, right? Except when you look at global vs. regional types.The Supply Chain Shaman, Lora Cecere, has studied the differences and proposes 5 key lessons in planning for global ...
Created on 24 November 2016
2. Procurement Needs 'Wins'
The procurement function within the supply chain tends to operate in the background. That ought to change, according to an interview with a KPMG consulting executive.In a summary of the interview on the ...
Created on 03 November 2016
3. Supply Chain Performance Measurements
The Supply Chain Shaman is taking her yearly look at supply chain performance by industry. Lora Cecere, as usual, does a great job not only collecting and producing the data, but also providing expert ...
Created on 04 April 2016
4. Clarifying Supply Chain Goals
It's a good question: what are the goals of the supply chain when they seem to be responsible for everything? As the function has morphed outside its traditional cost center role, the level of ambiguity ...
Created on 17 November 2015
5. Organizational Options for Procurement
On the Sourcing Innovation site, the eternal question of how procurement should be organized is addressed. As always, there's no single answer.Centralized, decentralized, or center-led seem to be the most ...
Created on 01 September 2015
6. Thoughts on Organizational Alignment
Lora Cecere has been a Supply Chain Shaman for years and is a proponent of the supply chain Center of Excellence concept. In her mind, as organizations mature, they naturally gravitate toward that model.The ...
Created on 23 June 2015
7. Supply Chain COE Research
The Supply Chain Shaman, Lora Cecere, is looking at some recent research on supply chain centers of excellence (COE). She's identified some common themes that are interesting to review.Though COEs are ...
Created on 20 April 2015
8. Personality in Procurement
Do you have what it takes to move ahead in Procurement? Pierre Mitchell, on the Chief Procurement Officer site, explains why he thinks your personality may have a big impact on your individual and group ...
Created on 16 March 2015
9. Supply Chain COE, Part 2
We recently looked at the concept of supply chain centers of excellence. In the 2nd part of the series, Rich Becks on the EBN site steers us through some best practices he's run across.It's an encouraging ...
Created on 19 August 2014
10. The Supply Chain COE
Ever heard of a supply chain Center of Excellence? It's an idea whose time has come, according to Rich Becks on the EBN site.Although there are challenges to getting a COE established, the benefits ar ...
Created on 18 August 2014
11. Keys to Supply Chain Leadership
The Supply Chain Shaman, Lora Cecere, has learned a lot about leadership over the years. She summarizes her key learnings in a nice holiday article.She also communicates information about new features ...
Created on 16 December 2013
12. Improve Your Chutzpah!
One of our favorites, Lora Cecere (The Supply Chain Shaman), has thoughts on how to increase the level of chutzpah in your supply chain.It may sound like a funny goal to have, but she's dead serious. Check ...
Created on 02 October 2013
13. How Do You Know?
... pretty quickly. However, if you’re a center of excellence that provides services across the organization to a number of partners, you have your work cut out for you. Communicate with your internal partners ...
Created on 25 April 2011
14. What's It Cost?
... us, since we employed a ‘center of excellence’ approach and supported almost every bit of electronic data coming into and out of the company, that meant we not only had a broad constituency of both internal ...
Created on 21 July 2010