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1. Procurement Top Performers
Everyone wants to be the best, right? What's that mean when we're talking about procurement? In a Spend Matters article, Marisa Brown of APQC looks at the metrics and what they mean with respect to procureme ...
Created on 12 November 2014
2. Visibility Impact of Real-Time Data Sharing
Companies that share real-time demand and inventory information have to be ahead of the game, right? Not necessarily, according to APQC's benchmarking.Solid processes must be in place for this data to hav ...
Created on 16 July 2014
3. Benefits of Spend Analysis
You would think that the benefits of spend analysis would be obvious, but if that's the case there are many companies that still need to take the first step. Recent data from APQC illustrates the advantages.I ...
Created on 22 June 2014
4. Where's Your Recovery Plan?
... is located within our physical walls, disasters that are more like flash-floods can surprise us and cause significant problems for our businesses. Becky Partida, research specialist at APQC reported in ...
Created on 12 May 2014
5. Supply Chain Risk Data Review
... data from a survey conducted by APQC on the risk topic in an article you can see HERE. ...
Created on 06 May 2014
6. Fixing the Supply Chain Talent Gap
Recent research from APQC provides some great information about the overall preparedness of supply chain talent. The relative importance of skills is likewise addressed.In a guest post on the Spend Matters ...
Created on 10 March 2014
7. Improve Your Supply Chain Planning
Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a pervasive process in American business. Does it help your supply chain planning? In an Industry Week article, Becky Partida talks about the aspects of S&OP ...
Created on 26 June 2012