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1. Unstructured Data Preventing True OneOffice
According to Digital Supply Chain, organization acknowledge that data has become the key component to their operations, but more than half of them feel that their data is unstructured. This data disorganization ...
Created on 05 February 2018
2. Reasons to Love Hadoop
In a typically well-informed analysis, Lora Cecere takes a look at what the Big Data technology called Hadoop has to offer. According to her article on the Supply Chain Shaman site, there are compelling ...
Created on 07 December 2015
3. Big Data from the Beginning
Unless you've been really out of touch, you're aware of the concept of 'big data'. Sometimes it can be helpful to get beyond the buzzword and take a more detailed look at what a new technology description ...
Created on 16 May 2015
4. Master Data Management (MDM)
Ever get billed by your bank for car insurance when you don't own a car? Does your cell phone provider fail to send you a bill, yet keeps asking you for your address? Sounds like they both have a Master ...
Created on 05 March 2014
5. All about B2B data (and Big Data)
...  to name a few. All of this unstructured data is Big Data. What Do We Do With Big Data?We are discovering that we can make sophisticated predictions  by sorting and analyzing Big Data. But, if 80 ...
Created on 30 December 2013
6. Big Uses for Big Data
...  unstructured data. New hardware and software to create, store, process, and analyze are now available and much more is on the way. In fact, you should already be familiar with a few examples of the us ...
Created on 24 October 2013
7. Analyzing and Reporting
... is often used when speaking about petabytes and exabytes of data. A primary goal for looking at big data is to discover repeatable business patterns. It’s generally accepted that unstructured data, most ...
Created on 24 October 2013
8. How the Cloud is Transforming Big Data into Better Corporate Analytics and Business Intelligence
... the explosive growth of ‘Big Data’. Rather than make big capital investments in their own server farms to capture and control the growing volume of structured and unstructured data, smart organizations ...
Created on 02 March 2012
9. EDI POS 852 Data: Show me the money
... “pop” is soda in certain parts and “tennis shoes” are sneakers to some. Further, because there is so much unstructured data in the POS document – especially when it is door level, it is harder still adhere ...
Created on 23 June 2011