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1. Supply Chain Lessons From a Leader
Daniel Myers, who currently manages over 60,000 employees for Mondelez and has been a supply chain leader for decades, recently sat down for a career profile interview with the DC Velocity staff.He describes ...
Created on 14 August 2016
2. P & G's Control Tower
On the Logistics Viewpoints site, Steve Banker checks out the plans that he thinks Proctor & Gamble has for a supply chain control tower. Although P & G is a supply chain leader, it's striving to improv ...
Created on 22 July 2015
3. The Value of Supply Chain Skills
Bob Ferrarri takes a look at David Taylor of Proctor & Gamble in the latest blog on the Supply Chain Matters site. Although he came from the sales and marketing organization, Mr. Taylor's initial successe ...
Created on 12 February 2015
4. Integrated Supply Chains
Supply chains are at their most efficient when they're highly integrated. On the site, David Sims looks at what integration means and how Proctor & Gamble used integration to address a stick ...
Created on 30 July 2013
5. How Sustainable are My Suppliers?
...  like WalMart and Proctor & Gamble are driving development of various scorecard-like tools for their supplier partners.   The mega-retailers have great visibility on the sustainability issue. WalMar ...
Created on 26 January 2013
6. 'tis the Season... For Predictions!
... enterprise has supply chain sustainability as an objective, with retailers like WalMart and consumer goods producers such as Proctor and Gamble leading the way. So, those are four key trends I took ...
Created on 23 December 2012
7. How is EDI Working, Di Booth?
Scott Koegler talks with Di Booth, of Proctor and Gamble about data synchronization and EDI, at the 2008 UConnect.cs3SqD0lpXE ...
Created on 31 May 2007