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1. Blockchains in Procurement?
We've heard the term 'blockchain' a lot over the past year or so. It's interesting to note its advancement along the 'hype cycle' as we read of potential uses for the technology.Thomas Cherian, on the ...
Created on 29 January 2017
2. Don’t Drive Without a Dashboard
... takes action on the part of individuals and corrects problems as they occur. In some cases predictive analytics come into play and can anticipate issues before they happen based on historical patterns ...
Created on 04 October 2016
3. Amazon's 3PL Push
In the eternal quest to figure out what in the world Amazon is up to, the folks at DC Velocity examine their recent logistics moves. Are they a 3PL or not?As they go further down the 3PL path, Amazon is ...
Created on 14 July 2016
4. Key Drivers for Supply Chain Transformation
Supply chain management is undergoing a transformation, and the folks at Logistics Viewpoints are on the scene to identify the important players for us. The 'sharing economy' is surprisingly one of the ...
Created on 30 June 2016
5. HP Develops Network Visualization Tool
As a participant in a global supply chain, you know how costly disruptions can be. A major technology player, HP, has developed a visualization tool to help identify and mitigate risks.Chris Cunnane interviews ...
Created on 23 June 2016
6. CSX Proves IoT Benefits
With all the IoT hype floating around, you may fail to notice tangible benefits early adopters are finding.The CSX rail line's experiences with ioT-enabled predictive maintenance processes are discussed ...
Created on 12 May 2016
7. Open Text Notes
Bob Ferrari from Supply Chain Matters recently attended the Open Text analyst event and gleaned a lot of interesting information about the direction B2B technology is heading.Open Text (formerly GXS, which ...
Created on 02 May 2016
8. Using Big Data in Logistics
If you're searching for a real-life example of big data being applied to a supply chain problem, look no further than the logistics arena. Steve Banker takes us through a recent discussion with a tech ...
Created on 08 March 2016
9. More Supply Chain Predictions for 2016
Is it too late for another article with supply chain predictions for 2016? I think not.... The key players at the Strategic Sourcer site have compiled their best guesses for the new year and they seem ...
Created on 07 January 2016
10. Watson's on the Way
Looks like IBM is rolling out the heavy artillery to help them conquer the Internet of Things (IoT). Watson, Big Blue's supercomputer, to the rescue!According to an article on the Fortune site by Stacey ...
Created on 24 December 2015
11. Big Data Research Topics
On the Enterprise Irregulars site, Louis Columbus summarizes the results of a several pieces of research on the topic of Big Data. It's no surprise that the technology is going through a huge growth spurt.Potential ...
Created on 16 June 2015
12. 2015 Predictions #1
It's the time of year for predictions. The folks at Mobile Enterprise took a look at the predictions by BDMA, an asset management group, and think they make some sense.2014 has been a wild ride and 2015 ...
Created on 18 December 2014
13. Control Towers and Risk Management
Our own Ken Kinlock has written extensively on the concept of the supply chain control tower. Some recent research by Accenture has bolstered our view of this technology by looking at the return on investment ...
Created on 01 September 2014
14. Revolution In CRM
... PM). The game is still new and vendors are scrambling to get into the market.  Down the road, your contact center should have access to knowledge-management systems, as well as voice analysis and predictive  ...
Created on 08 November 2013
15. EDI Transactions Tell Your Fortune
... y looks at trends by analyzing the register transactions from the manufacturer's retailer customers. As Petersen puts it, they are able to apply predictive analytics to adjust assortments and stocking lev ...
Created on 26 November 2010
16. BI Continues to be an Intelligent IT Tool for Many Businesses
...  predictive analytics, and complex event processing. Lots of vendors are angling for their share of the BI pie. According to the USA Today article, IBM is aggressively pursuing BI, having spent $14 billio ...
Created on 25 November 2010
17. Analyzing Your Trade
... at and how to cross-sell and up-sell. He points to the field of predictive analytics that discovers the probabilities of a particular customer buying a particular product. Without diving too far i ...
Created on 21 July 2010