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1. OpenText Plans
OpenText, a well-known software company in the ecommerce and B2B integration space, continues to evolve. Bob Ferrarri attended their recent conference and came away with a wealth of information about where ...
Created on 10 August 2016
2. Starting a Strategic EDI Program
In the first of a series on the OpenText/GXS blog site, Rachelle Cohen discusses the documents you need to consider when starting a strategic EDI program.If you're not being forced into it, you need t ...
Created on 31 December 2014
3. B2B Study Highlights from GXS
A new study by IDC and OpenText tells us a couple things we probably already sensed: leading companies do a lot of B2B, and the best of the best have integrated transactions and processes.In a summary ...
Created on 22 December 2014
4. Getting Started with EDI?
... we have a resource for you. The e-book linked here is provided by GXS - actually by GXS' new entity, OpenText. We've watched the transition of GXS over the years, and more recently seen its acquisitio ...
Created on 17 March 2014
5. OpenText, GXS, and ECGrid
...  its new management (OpenText) revise its stance and not discontinue its long standing relationship that allows ECGrid to connect its supply chain customers through GXS' VAN. An announcement from Lore ...
Created on 26 February 2014
6. Where Will EDI Users Go - If VANs No Longer Interconnect?
... AS2. In the end, the future of EDI is all about Stabilizing The Supply Chain In response to a previous article on “Recommended Next Actions For OpenText”, we received an interesting comment: “I couldn' ...
Created on 31 January 2014
7. Recommended Next Actions for OpenText
As OpenText acquires GXS there are some opportunities available to the now combined company to pursue its mission. We reported a couple weeks ago about the acquisition (here). The company would appear ...
Created on 24 January 2014
8. Givers/Takers – Winners/Losers
... affect Loren Data and its customers. Taking care of the customers would require the contiunation of its current functional interconnects.  The good news for OpenText, who is currently acquiring GXS, ...
Created on 13 January 2014
9. GXS - A New Start? Again?
...  for us to sell GXS at this moment," roughly that same amount was enough for OpenText to acquire the company. It could be that Francisco Partners simply tired of the slow pace of recovering its investmen ...
Created on 23 December 2013