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1. A Boost for the EPCIS Standard
Standards are, in general, a good thing. In the world of supply chains, the Electronic Product Code Information Services standard (EPCIS) has been around for a few years, but is about to get a nice boost ...
Created on 11 November 2015
2. RFID and Visibility
Visibility is top-of-mind for many supply chain executives. RFID, a technology that's been around for awhile but has yet to achieve universal approval, seems to be capable of enabling processes that can ...
Created on 08 September 2015
3. Traceability - RFID verses Barcode
...  there is a cost and that’s managing the data from a feed stand-point to storage to analysis of the information for abnormalities (Electronic Product Code Information System - EPCIS). If your company i ...
Created on 06 June 2011