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1. The USAF ERP Project Failure
When an ERP project goes south for the Department of Defense, it really goes south. Imagine blowing $1B and getting nothing at all for it. The Air Force's attempt to replace 240 systems with an ERP didn ...
Created on 18 November 2012
2. Build Your Supply Chain Efficiency
We're in an unprecedented era of data volume and access. Modeling and predictive analysis are two keys to making big data work for your supply chain. In an AOL Government blog, John Goodman and Jeff Scott ...
Created on 28 October 2012
3. From the Top: GS1US
...  EPC is about two years old now, and still in its early stages.  But some of the reports from the industry (Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense, Gillette) are compelling.  They have gone beyond pilots an ...
Created on 19 April 2005