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1. Supply Chain Visibility with IOT
... once a connection is reestablished. TPSynergy's Supply Chain Control Tower analyzes this data stream continuously and immediately notifies stakeholders whenever an abnormal situation arises. The data i ...
Created on 04 June 2018
2. 2017 Predictions from the Analysts
You know, just when I thought we'd exhausted all the 2017 predictions, Dan Gilmore provides a bunch developed by the key supply chain analysts at Gartner and IDC.As you might expect, they come at it from ...
Created on 14 February 2017
3. Airbus Builds a Control Tower
Although most of us have little in common with aircraft manufacturer Airbus, there may be some takeaways from a recent presentation about their supply chain control center.Bob Ferrarri attended the discussion ...
Created on 06 October 2016
4. Risk Management Becomes Top of Mind
Everyone believes in risk management, but sometimes it takes a real disaster to get things moving. The latest bankruptcy news about Hanjin Shipping is an example of a non-weather related disaster that ...
Created on 12 September 2016
5. Responding to Control Tower Information
We've read a lot about supply chain control towers, but is improved visibility the goal? Or do you want to actually be in a position to do something about what you're monitoring?On the 21st Century Supp ...
Created on 04 August 2016
6. Is Your Supply Chain OS Ready?
We’ve talked about supply chain control towers over the years but it’s time to migrate from something that’s simply observing and controlling to the notion of a full environment that provides a set of ...
Created on 17 May 2016
7. Ecommerce Driving Retailer Visibility Efforts
For many supply chains, visibility stops at their corporate walls. Technology is improving, though, and providing opportunities to eliminate 'black holes'.Ben Ames on the DC Velocity site explains how ...
Created on 05 May 2016
8. Attacking the Visibility Challenge
...  on the Logistics Viewpoints site discusses control towers and other methods of attacking the problem. Check his article out HERE. ...
Created on 25 April 2016
9. Unleashing Digital Supply Chains
Digital supply chain technologies have been with us for awhile, but they've generally been used as point solutions.Advances in the applications and the rise of other technologies like big data and the ...
Created on 22 March 2016
10. Achieving Visibility for Supply Chains
Everyone has a different definition of what supply chain visibility means. When you consider the business problems visibility is expected to address, the broader the definition, the better.On the 21st ...
Created on 17 March 2016
11. The State of Supply Chain Control Towers
Everyone agrees that a supply chain control tower would be a great capability. At a recent conference, Logistics Viewpoint's Steve Banker discussed the state of control powers with a group of knowledgeabl ...
Created on 01 March 2016
12. IoT Isn't New?
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the hot new thing, or is it? Aspects of it have been driving the supply chain for years.According to Steve Banker on the Logistics Viewpoints site, we need to look at the ...
Created on 23 February 2016
13. The Rise of the Supply Chain Grid
The development of the 'supply chain grid' seems to be the natural response to the pressures of omnichannel customer growth. The days of the linear supply chain for retailers is coming to a close due to ...
Created on 31 December 2015
14. The Power of the Tower
The supply chain control tower is still a popular concept that addresses a number of needs, such as visibility and collaboration, that organizations crave. The folks at Logistics Viewpoints have taken ...
Created on 26 September 2015
15. Control Towers and Visibility
Control towers have been an ongoing area of interest for for quite awhile. From a visibility standpoint, their benefits are outstanding.As data volumes continue to grow, the technology for effective ...
Created on 01 September 2015
16. Difference Between Outsourcing and Managed Services
As Supply Chain Management (SCM) grows, so does the electronic commerce interface that is required. After all, you cannot run Supply Chain Control Tower unless all the pieces of the puzzle are present. ...
Created on 28 August 2015
17. Solidify Your Order to Cash with ERP/EDI Integration
... 's mission statement. The amazing thing many organizations fail to realize is that the tools to improve order to cash are probably in place. No, you don't even need to build an SCM Control Tower. These to ...
Created on 24 August 2015
18. Start the Revolution
Supply chain control towers have been a running discussion topic for awhile now. Steve Banker thinks they're the vanguard of a significant revolution in supply chains.In a recent article on the Forbes site ...
Created on 13 August 2015
19. P & G's Control Tower
On the Logistics Viewpoints site, Steve Banker checks out the plans that he thinks Proctor & Gamble has for a supply chain control tower. Although P & G is a supply chain leader, it's striving to improv ...
Created on 22 July 2015
20. Does The View You Are Seeing Tell The Whole Story
Hmmm! We have a Supply Chain Control Tower, we see EVERYTHING. Yes, we made a list of every element in our supply chain. Now we find that not all the data feeds are  Integrated!!! It is not a monumental ...
Created on 20 July 2015