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1. Electronic Invoicing On Rapid Uptick
... Latin American landscape include: • Mexico will require electronic accounting filings in 2015 • In Brazil, taxpayers subject to the actual taxable income regime will now be required to maintain ECF and ...
Created on 19 January 2015
2. Costa Rica Restarts Efforts At E-Invoicing Following Failure Of Five-Year Experiment
... for the mass use of electronic invoicing based on a gradual obligation. He also recommended that Costa Rican officials closely study the successes and failures of other nations, such as Chile, Brazil, ...
Created on 07 July 2014
3. Mandatory E-Invoicing Imminent In Chile
... The new system combines aspects of the batch-oriented folio method utilized in the Mexican CFDI model with real-time communications, as is the norm in Brazil and Argentina. This past February, Chile’s ...
Created on 31 May 2014
4. Electronic Invoicing Laws In Latin America Are Ever Evolving
The rules regarding electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) in Latin America are both constantly changing and different than anywhere else in the world. Brazil utilizes Nota Fiscal, Mexico mandates CFDI, Argentina ...
Created on 09 May 2014
5. Chile Mandates Electronic Invoicing by Year’s End
... e-invoice professionals will reap 70 percent of the market in that nation by 2015. Chile is among the three leaders of e-invoicing in Latin America, along with Mexico and Brazil. Tami Kamin Meyer ...
Created on 09 April 2014
6. Dropship and the Logistics Provider
...  a lot different in Central Africa than North America. Right now, exports are way down, for example. A company in the U.S. called me and needed someone to "land" a shipload of Brazilian sugar in Ghan ...
Created on 06 May 2013
7. Innovation in payment
... n the UK, Japanese in Brazil, Vietnamese in Germany, and so on. These communities remit large amounts (roughly a half trillion dollars annually) across international borders, often to relatives who are  ...
Created on 09 September 2012
8. Brazil eCommerce
Think eCommerce is only big in the US? That's not the case as all. Check out this article by Ricardo Geromel in Forbes here.
Created on 02 April 2012
9. RFID Success
RFID use in the supply chain has continued to grow. The Brazilian Air Force is using the technology to great advantage in its logistics processes. Read the article in the RFID Journal here.   ...
Created on 24 March 2012