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1. IoT Design Needs
Well, you know things are moving ahead when publications begin talking about version 2.0. That's the status of IoT that Scott Nelson and Paul Metaxatos discuss in their latest report on the Harvard Business ...
Created on 02 May 2016
2. SAP's Direction
SAP's co-CEO Bill McDermott discusses a number of issues, including cloud, innovation, and workforce issues, in a recent Information Week article. SAP is a huge company that is trying to be as nimble as ...
Created on 27 November 2013
3. B2B2C2B2B.... Huh?
It seems that B2C ecommerce continues to exert an influence on the B2B world. What used to seem like two different worlds isn't like that anymore. On the GXS blog site, Matthew Walker shares his thoughts ...
Created on 19 December 2012