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1. Teenage Truckers, Solution to Nation’s Shipping Woes?
... the state where they’re licensed, lowering the legal age to 18.1 “This legislation,” said John Kearney, CEO and President, Advanced Training Systems, “will help train drivers to a level far and above current ...
Created on 07 May 2018
2. Research Summary on Procurement Organizations
A recent study by A.T. Kearney indicates the majority of procurement organizations just aren't cutting it when it comes to delivering value.Their guidelines for high performing teams are well-defined, bu ...
Created on 03 January 2017
3. Increasing MRO Spend Value
MRO (maintenance, repair, & operations) is a 'special' procurement category that often flies under the radar. According to some recent research by A.T. Kearney, a little focus can result in some big savings.I ...
Created on 01 November 2016
4. Oursourcing vs. Reshoring
Research company A.T. Kearney has released a study comparing trends in both outsourcing and re-shoring of manufacturing. Rob Spiegel, on the Design News site, reviews the results and offers his views in ...
Created on 21 January 2015
5. Procurement Can Deliver Savings
What's the value in building a great procurement team? How about twice the cost savings as can be produced by a mediocre group? Those are the results published in a recent AT Kearney report.According t ...
Created on 21 October 2014
6. A Vision for Supplier Management
Declan Kearney presents an outline for a national supplier management strategy in a recent article on the Procurement Leaders site.Taking advantage of advances in technology, collaboraton, metrics, and ...
Created on 24 December 2013
7. Product Data is Sweet Spot for Multichannel Retailers
... by the manual intervention required of cleansing data and correcting errors in the massive master data catalogs containing thousands of SKUs. An AT Kearney study revealed that 30 percent of item data in ...
Created on 20 June 2012
8. Can Procurement Be Improved?
Improvements to the procurement process can show up on the bottom line. That's a fact.  In an article by A.T. Kearney in My Purchasing Center, procurement is identified as having the ability to tak ...
Created on 29 May 2012