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1. Amazon in the Logistics Space
Bob Ferrarri predicted a couple years ago that Amazon was getting into the transportation and logistics arena and would soon be competing with 3PLs. As is usually the case, he was right.In a followup article ...
Created on 21 March 2017
2. Gaps Remain in Omnichannel Fulfillment
The omnichannel wave has washed over all retailers, for better or worse. Chris Cunnane has taken a look at where omnichannel fulfillment is going and assesses the gaps that remain.Those who have hesitated ...
Created on 06 March 2017
3. Looking at Omnichannel Fulfillment Costs
4th quarter data is still being analyzed and different players in the supply chain are drawing their respective conclusions. Bob Ferrarri views the information about UPS' performance and discusses what ...
Created on 23 February 2017
4. Deep Dive Into Retail Predictions for 2017
Bob Ferrarri continues his 'deep-dive' series on 2017 predictions with one that's important to all of us: retail and ecommerce-driven supply chains. Consumers continue to drive the bus and retailers will ...
Created on 07 February 2017
5. Impact of Omnichannel Buying Continues
It's nearly impossible to over exaggerate the effects omnichannel consumers have had on retailers. Bob Ferrarri takes a look at how 3 well-known names have recently made significant business changes in ...
Created on 12 January 2017
6. Logistics Changes Ahead
The pace of change in the fulfillment arena continues to speed ahead. Parcel carriers that provide delivery services for the bulk of ecommerce purchases are changing their pricing models, and their largest ...
Created on 19 May 2016
7. IoT Design Needs
Well, you know things are moving ahead when publications begin talking about version 2.0. That's the status of IoT that Scott Nelson and Paul Metaxatos discuss in their latest report on the Harvard Business ...
Created on 02 May 2016
8. What's Amazon Up To?
... has offered 3PL-type services for awhile, competitors as well as suppliers of delivery and logistics services ought to be getting a little nervous. If you’re a supply chain or B2C ecommerce professional ...
Created on 17 February 2016
9. Improve Your B2B On-Line Presence
If you, as a B2B company with a website you've investing a lot in building, happen to be underwhelmed with your ecommerce results, who gets the blame? Chances are, you'll need to spread the blame around ...
Created on 08 September 2015
10. It's Never to Late for B2B eCommerce
As B2B continues its strong ecommerce growth, don't fret if you're a little late to the party. There's still time, and lots of tools and analysis, to help you catch up quickly.On the Internet Retailer ...
Created on 13 August 2015
11. Christmas in July?
Is it too early to think about Christmas? If you're in the supply chain or electronic commerce areas, if you're just starting now you may be behind!Mobile consumers continue to drive changes across the ...
Created on 22 July 2015
12. How Do Omnichannel Channels Prosper?
In this omnichannel world, have you ever considered how the different individual channels involved in the buying process make money? Businesses have to evolve in order to figure that out, and to actually ...
Created on 23 June 2015
13. B2B is Where It's At
B2C gets all the pub, but B2B seems to be the 'hot' area of growth for ecommerce. It's a huge target that has traditionally been served by a relatively fragmented distributor base, but recent inroads by ...
Created on 11 June 2015
14. B2B Steams Ahead
B2C electronic commerce gets all the publicity, but in reality B2B is where it's at. Growth is hefty and investment in ecommerce platforms is increasing.B2B is the more complex animal, but according to ...
Created on 04 June 2015
15. B2B eCommerce Erupts
We've all wtinessed, and experienced, the tremendous growth in consumer ecommerce. You know what's even bigger, though? Business to busines (B2B) ecommerce, and it's growing by leaps and bounds as well.In ...
Created on 27 April 2015
16. Integrate Your Way to Success
... on in particular are in that situation.For them, making the move as smoothly as possible may depend on integrating their ecommerce and business systems. On the B2C site, Matt Train describes the benef ...
Created on 27 February 2015
17. Product Information and Omnichannel
When you look at what's happening in omnichannel retail, you can often get caught up in the big process and system changes needed to support it. Matt Tortora, on the B2C site, knows that you need to buil ...
Created on 24 February 2015
18. IBM and B2B
In an article on the My Purchasing Center site, John Hall looks at how IBM is shaking up the B2B ecommerce market. Although the B2B market is huge, it's always lagged behind B2C technologically.IBM hope ...
Created on 29 December 2014
19. Growth Seen in B2B eCommerce
It's taken awhile, but some B2B companies are finally getting the message that on-line sales are here to stay. What took them so long?As ecommerce continues to gain higher and higher portions of the sales ...
Created on 05 November 2014
20. 6 Ways EDI Removes Barriers to Commerce with Trading Partners
... ion will have on their internal systems and validate the business information received. Businesses are also customers of other businesses, so there is no clear dividing line between B2C and B2B e-comme ...
Created on 24 October 2014