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1. To ERP, or Not....
Now you tell us! In a CFO article, Bruce Myers, Chris Payne, and Adam Pollak tells us why investing in ERP is a bad move. Or is it?They explain why there's a bias toward ERP purchases and discuss alternative ...
Created on 24 December 2013
2. Claim Your Power
... you are in your career. Legitimate Power – This type of power comes from the belief that a person has a formal right to make demands. For example, a CFO has legitimate power over an intern working for ...
Created on 09 September 2013
3. Collaboration is Key
In a CFO article, Shawn Casemore shares the 'secret ingredient' for supply chain success. It's collaboration, and not just among supply chain participants.Companies need to look and share information bo ...
Created on 14 April 2013
4. Infographic: A CFO’s Guide to ERP in the Cloud
Take a look at this great Infographic. It's a very understandable depiction of the benefits and costs camparing hosted systems with cloud/SaaS based alternatives.  
Created on 07 March 2012