dennis harrisDennis Harrison of GS1 Food Services talks with Scott Koegler at GS1 Connect 2012 in Las Vegas, about initiatives underway to increase food safety and product information for food products destined for restaurants, institutions, and other crate-level delivery users.



Transcription of the video follows:

Scott Koegler:  I’m Scott Koegler.  I’m with GS1 Connect for 2012.  I'm with Dennis Harrison GS1 and we’re going to talk about food services; the processes, the initiatives about getting the barcode on the product right?

Dennis Harrison: Very good.

Scott Koegler: The easy stuff and the hard stuff.

Dennis Harrison: Well Scott, let me tell you first of all what the initiative is all about. The initiative is, the food service community came to us and said that there's three things that they would like to achieve by 2015. The first item was to improve the efficiency in the food service supply chain. The second item was to increase the amount of information, we call it product attributes; what about the product does the consumer want to know; things like the nutritional values and allergens and the third item that they have asked us to help with is to improve food safety making sure that we are setting up systems for traceability. We've been working at this now since 2009 and we are going on our third-year and it's been very successful in getting the community to implement some of the standards. We're now running at about 55% of the manufacturing community that's adapted GS1 standards and were reaching towards a goal that was set back in 2009 of trying to get 75% of the community applying in using the standards.


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