changemanagementOne of the most ubiquitous tenets presented in just about every marketing class ever given is the four P’s of marketing, which are price, promotion, product, and placement.   You may be asking yourself now what this has to do with your e-commerce operations, but if we change our perspective slightly on the function of the department within the organization, we can see that the product and placement tags directly apply.

Elliott GrantScott Koegler, editor of talks with Elliott Grant of Harvestmark at GS1 Connect 2012 about how case and item level tracking works with the fresh produce grocery market.



sustainability-picOne of the mantras of modern management, ‘you can’t manage it if you don’t measure it’, certainly applies to supply chain sustainability. However, sustainability is often a moving target since almost every supply chain is different. A good way to find some commonality as a basis for understanding the term is to take a look at how businesses measure it.

social mediaSocial media make the customer more powerful than ever. Companies must re-learn how to listen and react. The customer is always right is one of the two ”commandments” of a super market chain in Connecticut. Their second commandment is “see rule number one”.  Anyone who does not take this seriously will not do well on social networking platforms where customers have not only a louder voice, but also can be heard around the World in minutes.

process updateSometimes "The Payoff" writes about you. Sometimes it's about your customers. Installments like "Qthru Aims for a Different Self Check-Out" obviously apply to the many readers working in retail organizations: a better way to get shoppers through check-out certainly matters to you. Why waste space, though, on currency exchange in Malta or ordering pencils in Pretoria?