applepieLast week I was taking the slow and casual route toward the Southland, and had pulled into one of my long time favorite roadside eateries. I was just finishing up my slice of Mother Mabry's apple pie and a cup of coffee when I got a call from one of my clients asking to know what his trading partner ID was. After asking him just a couple of questions, I learned that he had received a survey from one of his customers, Gander Mountain, who was asking him about using web forms. Interesting question, I thought, but why would Gander Mountain even care? Is Gander Mountain getting into the EDI service provider business?

This issue of's newsletter marks the launch of our new series, "On The Line." In this series, we will be talking with the people who make EDI systems run, and keep them running. Each interview is presented as a standard set of questions, but each person has the opportunity to answer the questions and expand on the topic. This format is similar to our "From the Top" series, interviews with executive management of EDI software and services providers.

EDI staff members are invited to review the questions and send in their own responses for publication.

ec-bp interview with Jennifer Thompson, EDI Specialist for Duda & Sons

Our latest On The Line interview is with Michael Martz, Director of eBusiness Operations for Grainger.  Michael explains how his position and EDI in general work to support Grainger's focus on customer satisfaction. interviews Greg Zwanziger, Director of Supervalu.