According to Digital Supply Chain, several leading entertainment content providers have joined together to form an alliance. The Digital Supply Chain Alliance includes Movielabs, Entertainment Merchants and the Digital Entertainment Group, they will work to come up with sharing best practices.  

The supply chain is at a point where it is in need of digital disruption, reports Forbes. While Wal-mart and Amazon are building their own logistics and supply chain platforms there are edging out other companies.  

Prologis, a logistics real estate company based in San Francisco, has determined a correlation between the evolving supply chain and company’s real estate needs.

According to Logistics Management, the cloud computing is essential to the success of supply chain management.

According to TB & P, global supply chain growth continues with no slow down in sight. The industry is worth $145 million in 2018 and it is expected to grow to $3.314 billion in 2023.