Since it's likely that a relatively high percentage of our readers interface with SAP in their processes, I thought the article "SAP EDI Mapping:

We're sure you've heard of the supplier scorecard. In fact, you probably use it yourself or your customers track your performance with it. A short article in makes some recommendations on improving the process.

How do the leaders in ecommerce stay ahead? Here's how Staples does it.

A short article in the E-Sourcing Forum by Chris Pfauser does a concise job explaining how the determine if your processes are mature. Substitue "EDI" for "IT" as you read the story and it'll be even more relevant. If your shop is like most I've seen and worked in, your processes will probably never be completely mature, but if you head in the direction outlined in the article you'll be in good shape.

Mark Morley provides an excellent view on challenges facing us from within the manufacturing sector. As you read through the article on, think about the implications for your shop.