EDI folks are used to hearing about, and even using, XML for eCommerce transactions. Ever wonder how the XML language came to be? Bob DuCharme provides a nice, concise view from the inside in his January 25, 2012 bobdc blog. 

In the following article by Jason Busch on the Spend Matters site, a couple software company names that are pretty familiar in the purchasing world are getting together. These companies provide much of the same functionality as EDI, albeit with XML-based processes.

Although we're well into 2012, we're still encountering some great 'best of', 'predictions' and 'trends' lists. Steve Keifer from GXS gives us his predictions for 2012 on businesscomputingworld.co.uk. Although EDI isn't mentioned specifically, it's embedded in several of his most important points.

Hollis Tibbetts, a well-known and respected technology blogger, poses a great question in his "Is Your Integration Platform a Relic?" article on the Sys-Con site.

Here's a short article with New Year's resolutions from Michael Friedenberg, the CEO of a group that publishes several popular IT-oriented magazines.  What are some of your key resolutions for this year?