How do the leaders in ecommerce stay ahead? Here's how Staples does it.

Mark Morley provides an excellent view on challenges facing us from within the manufacturing sector. As you read through the article on, think about the implications for your shop.

Need a little inspiration to get you through the day? Take a look at a few of the 'Top Innovation Articles of 2011' from Innovation Excellence. Many of the references are oriented toward general business, but have broad application to all professions, even ours!  

MRO (maintenance, repair, and operational) purchasing is a different animal. See how progressive companies go about taming it.

EDI folks are used to hearing about, and even using, XML for eCommerce transactions. Ever wonder how the XML language came to be? Bob DuCharme provides a nice, concise view from the inside in his January 25, 2012 bobdc blog.