According to LiveMint, robotics will transform the supply chain. As of now customer expectations are high and companies can use robots to deliver faster, and more efficient service.

High Jump, a supply chain software company, is bringing new technology to its users, reports Engineering News. This includes incorporating voice commands and expanded features for warehouse management and logistics software.

Innovations in blockchain will enable greater supply chain efficiency, reports BBN Times. Up until now blockchain has only greatly impacted cryptocurrency, but it is now set to revolutionize the supply chain.

According to Supply & Demand Chain Executive, SAP is working on an automated blockchain-based supply chain tracking system. The SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain is taking input from over two dozen produce, pharmaceutical, tech and shipping companies.

According to Multichannel Merchant, UPS has filed a patent for a new blockchain technology. This tech will help UPS efficiently track and manage packages shipped within its network as well as those handed off to other carriers worldwide.