I was on my way back from the VCF conference this week.  My planning could have been better since I spent all that time on my way to Chicago and had to turn around and get back to New Jersey for the conference.

The man sitting next to me on the plane from NJ told me this story... another example of un-openness in our little world.

Not only did I have to get on a plane to get back to New Jersey for the VCF Conference (which I wouldn't miss for the world)... but my plane was delayed for 4 hours, leaving me to sit and think about the state of our industry.  I get a bit sensitive about questionable practices that I see in my travels. 

Somehow I just can't keep away from Cincinnati. This time I passed through while driving South on I-75 towards Atlanta with nothing in particular to keep me busy other than watching the beautiful Kentucky countryside roll by.  These can be dangerous moments for me since my mind tends to wander.

I was struck by several aspects of the event, and most of them actually made me happy... for a change.  Most of you said the sessions were informative, and some even called them "entertaining."  With nearly 100 sessions I wasn't able to get your comments on each of them, but I did see people as they came out of them actively discussing the sessions they had attended.  I'm generally more impressed with sessions that get us talking than those that leave us with just a smile.

Last week I was sitting in the lobby of one of my regular clients whose office overlooks the beach on Florida's Panhandle. I was contemplating doing a little fishing from the beach, but after reading the headlines about the recent shark attacks on unsuspecting surfers and fishermen I decided against it.  It seems that the area had considered itself relatively immune from shark attacks, not having had one in several years.