Earlier this week I was traveling up the East Coast from the Carolinas to New England (Cape Cod to be specific).  The logical route to travel was I-95, which can be heaven or hell depending on the time of day and the region you're traveling through.  But I'm always amazed at how quickly the landscape changes over just a few miles.

I listened to the analysis of what the expected 20 foot storm surge would do to the New Orleans' levies.  I wondered just how much testing the engineers had done to make sure they would hold back the 12 foot surges they were built for.  Then it occurred to me how futile all that testing and planning would likely prove to be over the next few days.

Do you remember CommerceOne, Ariba, and viaLink?  They all had proprietary eCommerce systems created during fits of brilliance funded by "unbridled exuberance."  I think the venture cap companies are getting ants in their pants, and itching for the old days.