Cecil Stumping

I've spent the last couple weeks traveling in the Northern part of the country... in the Minnesota and North Dakota area. I'm glad I was able to make the trip early enough in the season to enjoy the late-season weather. My cold weather clothes are still packed away and I'm delaying my seasonal wardrobe change as long as possible this year. Which is why I'm heading to the Southwest now.

Rather than focus on all-things-wrong in our industry this week, I'm adding my voice to eC-BP's invitation for members. There is so much good work being done by so many forward thinking people and companies that I truly believe if we join together to promote the best and most business friendly ways of executing e-Commerce strategies, we can make a difference. Add your name and voice to eC-BP's efforts to increase adoption rates of EDI by lowering the barriers to implementation.

The guidelines for membership are clearly spelled out on eC-BP's web site, but I'd like to put my own spin on it (are you surprised?).

Certified Memberships are FREE. Simply sign the statement that you agree with and will abide by the eC-BP tenets (which you probably already do) and you're in.

Affiliate Memberships are FREE. Sign the agreement statement and participate in promoting eC-BP in some way.

Sponsorships are not free. Sponsors help to support eC-BP's ongoing operations through their financial contributions. If your company makes its money by selling EDI solutions, this is the membership level for you.


All of you involved with EDI as employees of a company using EDI as part of its daily business should join. If you're employed by a vendor or a hub as an EDI analyst, programmer, vendor compliance manager, CIO, buyer, accounting clerk, or in any way touch the EDI chain, you should join as a Certified Member.

If you are an independent consultant like me, and NOT employed by a company that sells EDI software or services, you should join as a Certified Member. In your position, you may recommend certain products and services, but your source of income is from consulting, not commissions.


If your company is a vendor or a hub using EDI, or considering EDI, you should join as a Certified Member.

If your company is an EDI software or services vendor you should join as a Sponsor. Individuals who are employed by software and services vendors can also join as Sponsors.

If your company publishes a newsletter or magazine, or provides a service (other than an EDI product) you should join as an Affiliate Member.

Get together

Everyone who works with EDI should be a Certified Member of eC-BP. I'm betting that you already agree with the eC-BP Tenets, and if so, why not say so. Click this link to review the specifics, then sign up and join me as a Certified Member.(http://www.ec-bp.org/index.php?option=comˍcontent&task=view&id=80&Itemid=71)

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