climb rope-teamSince the beginning of 2014, I've focussed my blogs on the start of an EDI journey.  My articles focus on organizations seeking to take on that ginormous step of embracing EDI technology as a pillar of their being; and I've talked about lessons I have learned and observed to secure process decisions applicable to organization situations.  I do hope they have been helpful.

My career started with small followed by mid sized companies followed by Fortune 500.  When I convey my career and my passions of the past, current state and future to those interested; or as me the geek who convey messages to those who can't depend on lamb counting to fall asleep and now can.....the EDI journey, in ending, is in the success of all those who believe and participate to succeed.

This morning gave me the perfect entrance to this blog.  I entered the drive up of my favorite coffee shop.  I pulled up, I was welcomed with the company name and person's name who was speaking to me.  I conveyed my order, they conveyed back, ended with,"Thank you! See you at the window!"

Hmm, voice not same at window, but just as cordial and personal to confirm order and process payment.  And most needed before Friday work day - caffeinated, delicious beverage was delivered.   This team gave me the "experience!"

I am sure all of these team members were not part of the same cheer team who blended naturally.   Their responsibilities were clearly different, but they were a TEAM, with the same final goal to succeed!  They GSD a goal...  Wow the customer.

Incorporating EDI?  Be a TEAM!  Be respectful, be cognizant, define goals in totality.  Assure all parties who are part of the process are involved; and your processes are fluid.  Plan, discuss, plan, discuss!  Be in alignment! In ending, it's about your organization having successful processes by the buy in of all internal parties.

I believe people and teams have the best of intentions.  But I have also observed decisions affect more people and processes that were originally anticipated.  The decision needs to be united front...with all parties big and small involved...and all parties agreeing...

I know, another requirement to implement success....but that's the key...
Deliver success.  Please let me know your experiences.  Trials and tribulations....and we can talk about!
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