CLM Bestof 14 22014 is almost in the books and it’s been a wild ride! We’ve posted a lot of articles and blogs that we hope have been useful to you this year. As usual, we like to go back and see what piqued your interest so we can find themes and topics to update in the new year.

supply-chain-managementOur recent article on Opportunities in Your Supply Chain listed “Developing Supply Chain Talent” as a major opportunity. The “newest kid on the block” is the SCM Control Tower. I have been collecting personnel requests over the Web from recruiters for folks to staff these towers. All have some sort of job responsibilities, so we can compare responsibilities. Almost a third of these have salary too, which makes it very interesting.

visibility2We are all becoming more and more aware of what visibility does for supply chain and even more aware of what lack of visibility can do to our supply chain and our costs. In the supply chain world, you are not alone anymore. Can't just hang out in your own organization and run the business like you did over the years. You have partners. You have overseas suppliers. You might have multiple warehouses and numerous logistics providers; And the customer is becoming more demanding too.

Technology4Visibility is a hot supply chain topic. Our writers have cranked out articles on the subject, Buzz posts links to visibility articles every week, and I bet you’ve heard from sales guys and marketers pushing their solutions. But what’s it mean when you really get down to it?

Back in the old days when I led a large EDI/eBusiness team, visibility to us meant the ability to locate and see a transaction from beginning to end. For example, for an outbound document we’d want to see it tracked from the ERP module, through our interface, into our translator, in its interchange on the way to the VAN, at the VAN, and receipt verified from the partner.

now-hiringWhen Dickens wrote ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’, he wasn’t prognosticating about today’s world. Or was he? If you embrace dazzling technology and mind-blowing innovation, times are good. If you abhor change and get uptight reading about how different the world will be in just a few years, your stomach may be in perpetual knots. The velocity of change is quickening, and there’s no reason to think it’ll slow down.