Ken Traub of Ken Traub Consulting, talks with Scott Koegler at U Connect 2010 about RFID technology and the current state of deployment.


paasThere’s  SaaS. You know—software as a service. There’ s IaaS, which is infrastructure as a service. And did you know, there’s also PaaS, a.k.a. platform as a service? It was unfamiliar to me up until about a month ago, when I was asked to talk to a university professor about how PaaS is changing the software development landscape.

This From the Top interview was done at the 2010 U Connect conference, and features Bob Celeste of GS1 US. Bob talks about how the 2015 California mandate to serialize and credential all pharmaceuticals is being handled. To me, this seems like something that should have been done long ago, but since it hasn't, California has taken it upon itself to mandate that 50% of all meds sold in the sate must have serialized and traceable information on each 'dispensable unit'. That means each bottle or ampule. Bob has a handle on the effort, and his explanation is interesting to say the least.

saascloudhostedLast week we sent out a survey asking about your perceptions of SaaS, Cloud computing, and Hosted solutions. Of course we were interested in EDI solutions, but the question is a generic one that applies to any application. The responses we received ranged from fairly detailed explanations of each, to "I don't know what these are." So for those who are unfamiliar with the differences, here is a primmer on the major differences and some discussion of the advantages of each. This falls far short of a full detailed explanation, but the basic concepts are accurate.

chrisengI spoke with Chris Eng of Vericode at the recent SaaSCon event. Chris explains how Vericode's own SaaS based system is used to test applications, and how important it is to work with internal and external applications on a continuing basis, to assure the security of your environment. View the video interview.