Wireless-Mobile-POS-S520-SeriesMobile devices are all the rage these days. Which begs the question – Do they play a role in the B2B environment? Let’s tackle the mobile world impact EDI.

Outage_by_TypeThumbLast week’s survey asked about downtime. Specifically we wanted to better understand if locally installed EDI applications were more stable than managed services, VAN connections, or SaaS providers. Common wisdom has it that cloud or SaaS based services are less reliable than alternatives because they are outside the direct control of the users. In fact, the opposite is true.

edhoweScott Koegler of ec-bp.org talks with Ed Howe about implementing GDSN and how the technology is growing in its rate of adoption.

cloud-question-mark-cloud-computingI've written plenty about getting suppliers into electronic trading with their partners. I've shared that if you have EDI services and so do you partners, you should be collaborating so that you can exchange data electronically. I've also shared that if you have EDI capabilities and your convinced that bigger partners are the only ones that are qualified to have EDI capabilities, you're making a poor assumption. Many smaller to mid sized supppliers do indeed have the ability, but have not shared they can exchange with you. You should put together a strategy to work with these smaller companies. Lastly, if you yourself do not have EDI capabilities, it's not too late to make a difference in your organization.

RFID_Tag_HFIt was great seeing many of you at the U Connect 2011 Conference this week. It’s good to see that attendance is growing a bit more over the years. I think that it’s important for companies to be in tuned to what is going on with Supply Chain Management these days and how issues with a given supply chain are being addressed through process change or through use of technology. I bring up U Connect because of some of the things that I’ve learned while attending the conference.